CRRJ Archive Updates

The CRRJ Archive team routinely reviews the Archive’s contents and conducts ongoing research on incidents, people, and documents, to ensure that errors and inconsistencies are discovered and addressed as quickly as possible, and to act on newly discovered information. At times the correction process entails removing existing records from the Archive. All records removed will be listed below, along with the date and reason for removal. Once a record has been removed, it is no longer discoverable via search or direct url.

Reasons for record removal:

  • The incident record was a duplicate: additional research by Archive staff reveals that two or more incidents actually concern the same individual (possibly under two different names).
  • Upon further research, the incident falls outside the scope of the archive: based on ongoing research by Archive staff, additional source information indicates that the incident does not fall within the Archive’s scope.
  • There is currently insufficient evidence for inclusion of the incident: based on ongoing research by Archive staff, additional source information indicates that there is currently insufficient evidence that the incident meets the inclusion criteria for the Archive.

Updates by Category


    Removed 24 March 2023:

    • Incident 1345 The Killing of Otis Gardner
    • Incident 1523 Killing of Wesley Johnson in Alabama

Out of scope

    Removed 24 March 2023:

    • Incident 263 The Killing of James Turner in Georgia in 1950
    • Incident 1192 The Killing of J. T. Anderson in Louisiana
    • Incident 1270 The Killing of Henry Sneed
    • Incident 1512 Killing of Herbert Sutton in North Carolina
    • Incident 1526 Killing of Ellerbe Washington in South Carolina

Insufficient evidence for inclusion

    Removed 24 March 2023:

    • Incident 1214: The Killing of Nathional Brown and Owen Lang in Louisiana
    • Incident 1252: Killing of James Mosby in Tennessee
      • Associated case documents:

        • Document m041pb205: News article from Memphis World about a new national poll tax : August 3, 1948
        • Document m041pk161: News article from Pittsburgh Courier regarding community reponse to police killing of James Mosby : September 11, 1948
    • Incident 1260: The Killing of Eli Rhines in Louisiana
    • Incident 1264: The Killing of Willie Mae Roland
    • Incident 1269: The Killing of H. Smith in Louisiana
    • Incident 1313: The Killing of Bill Jones in Georgia
      • Associated case documents:

        • Document 4f17pj93v: Genealogy : 2020-02449-JONES Bill (1345980527)
        • Document 4f17pj96p: Genealogy : 2020-02449-JONES Bill (1345980527)
    • Incident 1442: The Killing of James Crowley in Alabama
    • Incident 1466: The Killing of Lewis Hayes in Alabama
    • Incident 1480: The Killing of Rufus Bowen in Alabama

Removed on request from Victim's family

    Removed 23 February 2024:

    • Incident 1137 Killing of Andrew Coycault in Louisiana in 1954