How To Request Documents

In exploring the Burnham-Nobles Archive you will encounter documents that are directly accessible via the project’s web interface, which you can download and use as described in our Policies document. You will also see listings and references for licensed materials that are not directly accessible. Access to licensed materials is restricted to users whose affiliation with Northeastern University gives them permission to access those materials. There are also materials in the collection that do not relate directly to the incident, but have been collected in the course of the CRRJ investigation or pursuit of restorative justice, which are not displayed on the site but may be accessible upon request.

Researchers or family members may request access to restricted records by contacting All requests will be reviewed for relevance and feasibility.

You may find that you are able to obtain access to licensed materials through your own affiliations. Because of limited staffing, we encourage you to seek access to records though your own resources before submitting a request to CRRJ.